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Same guys - less fuel!
Regisseur Danny O’Connor spricht mit UNERHÖRT! über seinen Film "Upside Down: The Creation Records Story"

How did you first get involved in a project of this nature? Did you know Alan or folks from the bands prior to the film? Your history at Radio 1 obviously must have opened you up to these artists, bands and the label as it exploded, I'm curious if your perception of them changed after starting your resource into the record label?

I knew Alan from my time at Radio 1 in the mid-late nineties and we seemed to bump into each other a lot because my office was in Primrose Hill close to where he lived. My office incidentally was in the old Creation building! Anyway I suggested to him that maybe enough time had passed to give everyone a bit of perspective so here we are four years later! Everyone , especially Alan, was very supportive and frank, honest and entertaining. I got to know Alan really well and he's a real generous supportive guy...

How hard was it to coordinate the interviews? The candid nature of the interviews (at least seen in the trailer) it appears that like Stereophonics these bands and artists really opened up to you. What is it about your journalist style that allows you this incredible access and openness from these guys?

No idea! It's not exactly rocket science though!

What was the most difficult interview? What were the biggest surprises during the filming process? Do you have a favourite moment from the film?

Biggest surprise was just how candid everyone was. The Creation gang don't seem to hide which is pretty impressive. Certainly made my life easier...

Obviously the hectic nature of the record label is an intriguing element, I'm curious how changed the folks are today compared to the images they cultivated back in their "wild" days?

Same guys - less fuel!

You're about to be in Scotland and then Ireland for Festivals showing the film. What are your expectations going to these festivals?

Just got back - best week of the last few years. Obviously Scotland is the spiritual home of the story and Irelnd is where the heart is so it was great to see two sell outs and people enjoying it....

What are your own favourite music documentaries?

I fell in love with the medium after seeing Scorsese's 'The Last Waltz'. That romance turned into a lifelong passion when I stumbled across Pennebaker's 'Don't Look Back'. Since then I've become a great admirer of Julien Temple's work - I thought 'The Future's Unwritten', the Joe Strummer film was great as was the Dr Feelgood doc - 'Oil City Confidential '

As a rock journalist I'm curious if you had the chance to cover any particular movement in music, what (or better yet WHEN) would you like to have covered? And if you could have followed any band, who would you have followed?

I started making docs in the mid-90's so pretty much everything from Britpop to the garage rock resurgence with the Strokes et al.

What do you want audiences to gain from this documentary? Do you have anything else you'd like to say about your film or your career? Obviously you are in the thick of this film, but are you working on any other projects. In other words what can we expect from you in the future?

I want to make a film about the poet, W.B. Yeats. I think it's hard to find a rock n roll story to rival Creation so something completely different. My advice to film makers and audiences alike is to look for the heart of the story rather than the detail. I like to make docs that are universal. Hopefully you don't need to like Creation's music to enjoy 'Upside Down'. In short it's a film about male relationships when they're thrown into extraordinary circumstances over a long period of time. It could be about soldiers, footy players. Everyone can identify with how brilliant and crap men can be....

CKlick hier für Details zum Film, den Trailer und wo der Film läuft.
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Programm steht: UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival vom 7. - 10. April 2011
Filme mit und über: Oasis, Sly Stone, Youssou N'Dour, The New Mastersounds, Emilíana Torrini und vielen anderen

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