Form to Download
Form to downloadUH!17-EINREICHUNG.pdf
What to submit
- 3 DVDs per film or link to screener
- Short synopsis, short director biography, film length
- 1-2 promotional pictures: stills (jpg, min. 300 dpi)
- Screening permission from the producer

Productions in languages other than German or English must be subtitled in English.

Please note:
Submitted material will remain with UNERHÖRT!.

Submission deadline: 1st July 2015.
Legal recourse is excluded.

Filmeinreichung / Film Submission
Filmeinreichung / Ansichts-DVDs und Pressematerial an:
Film Submission / Screener and press material to:
Stefan Pethke
UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival Hamburg
Oppelner Str. 25
D - 10997 Berlin

Email: (Javascript muss akziviert sein, um diese -MAil-Adresse zu sehen)